About me

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Who is Mark Passarelli?

I am a top League of Legends player, coach, and former booster.  I have played in all ranked brackets in League of Legends and have more than 100 guides and articles and guides on the internet.

I started playing League of Legends over 5 years ago and I have climbed from bronze all the way into the top 1000 players  in the entire world.

I have boosted out of every rank and I know the common pitfalls of inexperienced players in all different ranks.  I really enjoy helping people get better and start to succeed at the game.

I have studied all the aspects of League of Legends and I started my journey to find out what makes certain people better at the game than others.  Why did the professional players win so many more games and how did they do it.

I started watching streams and reading guides like crazy until I ended up playing against the top ranked players in the world.

I now know all the tools and tricks that will take your game play to the next level.  If you are ready to take your game play to the next level and really start dominating the competition and winning games, you are in the right place.  I hope you enjoy all the content and tips that I have provided here and best of luck on your journey.

Cheers 🙂