Best role to carry with League of Legends

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Best role to carry with League of Legends


With so many roles to choose from in League of Legends it might be hard to decide what role that you should devote your time into learning and playing.  Don’t get me wrong, each role in LoL is important and I am not going to sit here and lie to you and say that you need to play one role if you want to win games.  Everyone role can carry if played correctly but some roles are a little bit more impactful than others just because of the pure nature of the role.

Each role carries in different ways and has a different purpose in the game and they are all connected.  You couldn’t win a hockey game if you only had a goalie or you were missing a goalie.  Just like in league you need a every role in order to win because they feed off each other.  The meta is the way it is for a reason and that is because it works.  Riot is always changing the game because it focus on this style of playing therefore even if people try and make changes to the meta, eventually riot balances it out.

I also feel like different role are more impactful in different ranks.  When you are playing in bronze you simply just cannot carry very easily as support.  It is a lot harder because support revolves around helping your team and setting up plays and it is much harder to do when the players around you are less than familiar with the game.  You probably could carry out of bronze with support, it is just going to take a long time and might be a frustrating experience.

I feel like throughout all roles mid lane is and has always been probably the best role to carry with.  It is just such an impactful role and has so many opportunities to effect different areas of the map.  As a mid you can affect every lane and can snowball(or put behind) every other player in the game.

The positioning of this role provides for a lot of early game impact which is extremely important, but it also is impactful late game because of the sheer amount of damage that caster are able to do.  If you have the proper amount of farm you can take down almost any player and put out an insane amount of damage.   Not only do you get early impact but you are also able to affect the outcome of teamfights as the game progresses.

Like I said before any role can carry, and if you are constantly winning you lane and being an impactful player, than you are going to win games.  The main thing factor in winning games is the amount of impact you are having on the impact of the game.  This is going to show in your win rate and on the ranking system.  

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