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How to Win More Games League of Legends


Play champions you’re good with

I see it all the time where people try and test out new champions in ranked games and end up getting demolished.  The problem with rank is it only measures your average skill level at any given moment.  Although you may play a champion at a really high level, it doesn’t reflect on your entire skill level as a whole.  Once you start switching champions and roles with limited experience you are taking a huge risk.  Chances are if you are not skilled and practiced, you are not playing at the same level or higher that you are now.  This means that you will contribute less to your team and be more of a weight on your team rather than a carry.  Stick to what is good and what is working.  Practice new roles and strategies in normal games before you crank them out in ranked.

  •         You always want to learn new champions because not only will it increase your champion pool, but it will also teach you what works well against these champions.  Doing this will allow you to counter better and be more knowledgeable in the game.
  •         Sometimes you can get a really good grasp on a role by playing just one champion.  The more you play it the better you will get.  If you are just learning a role it can be overwhelming to learn too many champions.  Stick to one until you have mastered it and feel like you can add more.

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Learn champions that are overpowered and strong

Sometimes it is really good strategy to learn the overpowered champions and get good with them, however it can be dangerous because they are the most likely to get nerfed or changed.  Why spend countless hours learning a champion that is not going to be viable next month?  This is why you want to learn champions that are strong but are probably not going to get altered soon.  These are the strong champions that are upper teir but not exactly broken.   They are also likely to become the new overpowered champions with the nerfs hit the ones at the top.

  •         I would not recommend only learning champions that are “flavor of the month” over powered champions.  I see a lot of player invest so much time into learning the Ops and then they are out of luck once that champions gets nerfed.
  •         Pick something strong with a good skill cap and it will be a lot more beneficial.

Win your lane

Winning the game starts in lane and I say this all the time.  If are finding yourself stuggle in lane it is vital that you analayze and take a look at what is going wrong.  Laning can be easy to improve but if you are making common mistakes it can really hurt your quest to rank up.  To be a good League player you have to have good fundamentals and mechanics.  Practicing and getting better at this will only help you.

  •         Don’t play overly aggressive.  I cannot stress this enough.  I see so many players lose their lane because they get way too aggressive and start making mistakes.  Plays can’t be forced sometimes and you just have to wait for the enemy to make mistakes in order to take a lead.
  •         Be mindful of the enemy jungler.  Pushing and being aggressive can really help you win lane but it also leaves you exposed.  Keep this in mind and keep an eye on the enemy jungler.

Avoid dying as much as you can

If you are dying more than 5 times in a game, you are dying way too much.  Unless you are running a split pushing strategy that is attracting enemies to your lane and allowing your team to get multiple objectives than dying is not worth it.  It is just going to not only give the enemy team gold, it is going to keep you from getting gold and experience because you are dead.  No one like the long walk back to lane either.

  •         When you are losing your lane, play reserved and passive.  It sucks but it will keep you from losing more and more of a grip on the lane.  Sometimes you team can carry you and you can even have a strong impact as the game progressive.  It is vital to not go on tilt never lose your head.  Especially if you are playing a late game champion you can really scale well in the later stages of the game even if you are behind.
  •         If you are going to die make sure that it is worth it.  Make sure you are apply proper pressure and getting objectives off your deaths.  Trading kills for kills is not always worth it because you have to think about how that is going to affect the rest of the game.  Kills are tools to get objectives and the ultimate objective is the nexus.  Don’t forget that.

Get vision and remove vision

This brings me to my next point.  Vision is so powerful but you have to ward in the right areas and at the right times.  Never overextend and die just to get a ward down and always try and get wards as deep as you can.  A lot of players die trying to ward too deep so get a good grasp on where the enemy players are before you start venturing into enemy territory.

  •         The main thing is to just be mindful of your trinket and use it whenever you can.  Map awareness and it is feeling you get when you are good that the enemy might be coming towards you will also help prevent you from dying.  This comes from a lot of experience and a lot of deaths from getting caught out of position.
  •         Don’t dwell on your mistakes.  They happen but as long as you learn from them there is a great tool to help you improve.

Just like getting vision it is just as important to stop the enemy team from getting vision.  You want to make sure that they can’t see where you are and what you are doing.  This gives them the chance to catch you offgaurd and set up plays in other areas of the map.  Pink wards are cheap and easy to use.  They deny vision and set up plays.  I’ve gotten so many kills off enemy players trying to kill pink wards.

Pay attention to objectives times

Good players will always be in the right place when an objective is spawning.  They are great at what we like to call “prepping” objectives.  This simply means denying vision and gaining control of the area to make it as smooth as possible.  Blindly going into objectives and doing them without proper control can just lead to throwing the game and giving the enemy a snowball to start winning the game.  Good league play is all about limiting risk and making strong decisions.

  •         The better you get and the higher rank you go.  The more stress is put on objectives and the more team fights will happen around them.  When I was a professional booster, I noticed that in lower ranks it was a lot easier to control these objectives because players did not pay enough attention to spawn times.  There would be someone farming in the top lane when dragon was spawning so it was extremely easy to pick them up.

Do your part in team fights

Every role has a different job and it is important that you learn what your roles is suppose to be doing and do it properly.  If you are a tank, you want to be soaking up as much damage as possible and taking pressure of everyone else on your team.  If you are a carry you want to be doing as much damage possible on the right targets.  Team fights can be complicated and there are a lot of things going on in a short period of time.  Take time to watch what you are doing and be smart with your abilities.  One bad ult in a team fight can be the difference between winning and losing a fight.  Professional players are excellent at timing their abilities so they have the most impact on the fight and the game.  This is one of the reasons why they are the best of the best.

  •         If you find yourself losing a lot of team fights really try and look at what is going wrong.  Sometimes it is not your fault, but sometimes you might be doing something that is hurting your team in fights.  It is important to recognize this as soon as possible so you can avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

Never surrender

Too many players give up too easily and surrender way before the game is even over.  Surrendering a game that you could have won can really impact your rank.  That is a game that you can never get back to win again.  No one has a crystal ball and knows what is going to happen.  Even if you have an afk that person can come back or someone on the other team can end up disconnecting.  The point is, you never know what can happen in the game.  I have had several games that I thought were sure losses turn into wins.  Keep a positive mindset and it will reflect in your rank.


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How To Win Lane League of Legends


How to win your lane in LoL

Winning your lane is a complex beast to conquer and there are a lot of factors that go into winning a lane or losing it.  I remember when I first started playing League I was horrible at winning lane and would always get outclassed by the enemy players and I had no idea what I was doing wrong or how to fix it.  It was terrible and I just wanted to dominate my lane every game so I could win and carry my team.

We have to really look at what happens when someone wins there lane and what goes into being a successful laner in League.  There are a lot of elements that you have to worry about and that go into winning a lane.  I have spent countless hours learning tricks that help me dominate my lane and never allow the enemy to bully me out of experience and gold.  Don’t let yourself get pushed around in lane and use these tips to become a beast carry.

My story

In order to truly become a great laner in league, you have to play among the best players.  Once I got into high diamond ranked I was getting outclassed all the time by other players and I wasn’t sure why.  There were beating me, out trading me, and it was really hard for me to get any lead at all in lane.  These players have such a high understanding of laning, and extremely developed mechanics that allows them to win lane.

I found out that I wasn’t just losing lane by one mistake.  It was a bunch of small mistakes over and over that the enemy was capitalizing on that lead to a huge lead.  The problem why a lot of players don’t improve is they never see these extremely skilled players and even if they play against them they have no idea what their thought processes is and why they are winning.

I have been on both sides.  I have played against the best players in the world so now I know what they do to win their lane and their mindset when they are playing.  I learned all of this information the hard way through countless hours of hard work and study so now you don’t have to.  I can give you all the tools you need to take your play instantly to the next level.  If you really study these tips and put them into action, you will see a drastic improvement in your play, almost overnight.  I wish someone would have gave me these tips when I first started playing the game, because I couldn’t imagine how much better I would have been and how much quicker I would have become a great player.

Adjust your play style to the wave

If the wave if pushing toward you, you have to play more passively and make sure that you are getting all the minions that you possibly can.  This is why a lot of players push their lanes all the time, because it makes it a lot easier to win the lane.  However this will lead you a lot more venerable to enemy ganks.

Judo style of laning

Judo is a technique of using the enemy momentum against them and this is how I want you to think about laning in League of Legends.  Rather than being rash and attacking the enemy furiously, sit back, take your time and use the enemy mistakes against them.  You can get so far in League by just capitalizing on the enemy mistakes.  It is not as much about making huge flashy plays as it is about playing smart.

One extremely simple technique is to trade only after the enemy laner uses their abilities to either farm or try and harass you.  The better you are at dodging the enemy attacks, the easier it is to win lane.  Also, when you attempt to harass damage back to them, it will be less contested because the enemy spells are on cooldown because they just miss used them.  I see so many players just throwing their abilities out to farm and just getting harassed extremely hard in lane and it is painful to watch.
Reacting and playing off the enemy moves is one of the best things you can do.  It is amazing how much I can see improvements in peoples laning skills just by capitlizing on enemy mistakes and waiting for miss plays.



How to Control Objectives League of Legends


-How to Control Objectives in LoL-

League of Legends is all about objectives.  Many people fight for kills and will lose their entire base just for a few kills, but this is not how you win games.  Objectives will give your team global gold, map control, and experience that will help your team pull farther ahead and ultimately win the game.  Objectives can snowball a team further and further ahead, and one good baron can solidify a win.  You may be asking yourself how you can start controlling these objectives and winning games, and I will go over all of that in this guide.

I remember when I was newer at League, I would just chase kills because I thought that was the only thing that mattered in winning games.  Boy was I wrong.  I remember the first time I lost a game to a split pushing Master Yi.  This player died over 10 times but kept getting towers and inhibitors for his team while we were chasing kills and not doing anything productive.  I am amazed at how in lower ranks you can simply rack up tower after tower with no one coming to ever try and stop you.  They are always too busy chasing players around and trying to pick up kills.  Team fighting is important, but it is not good to just seek team fights just for the sake of team fighting.  They should only be engaged when going for an objective, or when an important objective is about to spawn.  Kills serve a purpose and they are very important in the game don’t get me wrong.  However, blindly chasing kills, especially late game, can lead to losses if you are playing against good players that know how to get objectives.




Vision is so important in controlling objectives because it allows you to see the enemy movements on the map and capitalize on positioning mistakes made by the enemy team.  If they are on the other side of the map and you can see that, this allows your team to pick up objectives for free.  You will notice that the higher rank that you are, the harder and harder it is to get objectives without being contested.  This is because good players know the importance of controlling this objectives and is one of the reasons they are good players.  Take advantage of this while you can and coordinate your team to take these objectives when you see the enemy team chasing someone or farming in the jungle on the other side of the map.

Just as important as it is to get vision of the enemy, it is just as important to deny the enemy of vision on key objectives like baron and dragon.  Do this by buying pink wards when you can and getting sweeper trinkets.  A blind enemy is an easy enemy to control and beat.  I’ve seen games snowball out of control simply because of one bad dragon fight.  Don’t let this happen to you and be smart about how you go for objectives.  When I was coaching top level player and teams, I always stressed the importance of limiting risk.  Going for a 5v5 fight may seem fine, but great teams will limit this and only go for objectives when they know they can take them easily and without much of a fight.  Vision will allow you to control these objectives and limit the risk when you are going for them.

Playing to the Strengths of your Composition


There are many ways to control objectives but you have to play the game according to your strengths of your team and the champions that you are playing.  If you picked a team composition that is full of a lot of champions that do not scale well into the late stages of the game, then you have to play according to this.  Controlling objectives for this team will be a lot different than one that is well scaling and strong late game.  If team is weak in fights you want to pressure other areas of the map and control objectives by split pushing and catching the enemy offgaurd.  Now if your team is good at team fighting and has a lot of crowd control and late game power, objectives are great ways to force the enemy to fight and use one objective to snowball into 3 or 4.  What it boils down to is just simply taking objectives based on your strengths and using them as a tool that fits in your playstyle and team comp.

Trade Objectives instead of chasing to Defend


Sometimes it is much better to trade objectives instead of trying to defend against the enemy team.  For example, let’s say you are pushing top lane and a couple of your teammates die and there are four members of the enemy team pushing mid.  Some people panic and go mid and try and defend the push but this is not necessarily a good idea.  It is almost impossible to defend tower 3 vs 1 so it is much more beneficial for you to push your lane and get a tower instead of trying to defend verse multiple players.  Not only might you die, but you won’t be much use defending the tower anyways.  To be a good player it is vital that you be as efficient as possible and make good decisions with your time.  You need to take advantage of every opportunity you get and look at every decision as what will be the most beneficial for you and your team.  Making the most efficient and well thought out decisions will make the difference in the outcome of the game.  One tower may not seem like much, but it can make a big difference in the outcome of the game.  That little bit of gold can make a big difference and it can help you close the gap or even grant you a lead that you can build on.


10 Tips to Raise your Rank in League of Legends

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1) Have a positive Attitude Raise Rank LoL

One of the most important things you can do in League of Legends is avoid raging at your team.  People may not realize this, but it’s really important that you keep a positive attitude and do everything that you can to help your team win the game when you rage, you limit your circle of influence and you have and inhibit your team’s ability to win the game.  Raging is essentially committing yourself to failure. Making it an objective to always have a positive attitude and make sure that your team is always winning the game.

  • Remember that raging won’t help you win the game.  True competitors fight to the end and raging is a defeatist attitude.  The less you rage the more you games you will win and the higher your rank will be.
  • Raging can lead to bans and losing your account.  Don’t do it.  It’s not worth it to lose your account of get banned for a couple weeks.
  • Remember positive players win more games and have more fun.  


2)  Win Your Lane


Win lane and you have a much better chance of winning the game.  Winning your lane gives you more gold and an edge on the enemy player that you are playing against.  It also creates pressure on the map to help other players on your team do better.  This can lead to the ability for you to split push and do well in team fights.

  • Learn how to trade and land your abilities.   These are the main factors in winning Lane and the better you do these two things the more lines you will win and the higher your rank will be.

3)  Vision is Key

Raise Rank League of Legends

Warding allows your team to have eyes in every place in the map and allows you to have vision of the enemy team in their movements.  Some players have really high skill in trading in lane and winning lane, but they don’t ward enough so they end up dying to ganks.  What warning also allows you to do is take pressure off other lanes.  When you can see the enemy jungle or on the map it allows everyone on your team to play more aggressively and capitalized on small advantages in the laning phase.   When you get in the habit of warding you’ll notice your skill and your win rate will improve dramatically.  Most people think that it’s big things and big plays that win the game, but it’s mostly boils down to small advantages over and over again to create a big lead

  • How can I start warding more?  Well it just takes practice and the more you do it the better you will get at it.  League, especially when you are newer, is about creating good habits that will aid you and make you a better player.  Sooner you learn these goods habits the sooner you will get to the level of play that you want.


4)  Watch professional play  and streams


One of the most important keys to master something is watching how Masters play the game. There’s so many streams and professional games to watch that can really help you learn how the game is played in important skills and tricks to help you play better. It’s important to watch players who are good at the game and take the game seriously. If you watch people who don’t take the game seriously you can pick up bad habits that you don’t want to have. Focus on streams that give you value and make you a better player. also don’t get caught up and watching streams too much of the time knowledge is important but it doesn’t replace actually putting that knowledge into fruition.

  • Really watch what good players do and how the perform.  It is important to not just watch them doing well, but to understand why they are doing well.  Look at the game through different eyes and really try and understand the thought process behind great players.  This will make you a great player.


5)  Become a team player

How to Raise Rank in League of Legends

League of Legends is a team game, there is no way around that. You need your team to win and it is important that you lift your team up and do everything you possibly can to help your team perform better.  When you play a 4 vs 5 game you can really see how important every member of your team is. Every player and every role is important and when a team is well and works well together they perform at an extremely high level and have an extremely high effectiveness.   This is what you see when you watch professional games.

  • Look at things you can do to help your team win.   Focus on helping other players win lane and don’t be too greedy.  Greed can help you carry, but it can also inhibit other players on your team.  
  • Ward, gank, give buffs to the people who need it.  The more you do to help your team the more games you will win.


6)  Improve your mechanics

Mechanics League of Legends

Good players have good mechanics and good last hitting.  The more gold you have the more effective items you’ll be able to buy and the more effective you’ll be in the game.  Improving your mechanics in last heading is only going to make you a better player and help you win more games.  

  • With any mechanic it just takes time and practice to get better.   It also helps if you have a good computer and good gaming equipment to play on.   It might not seem like much but wireless equipment can really inhibit your ability to perform well in game.
  • Learn hotkeys and smart casting.  If  you don’t already do this then you need to start doing this as soon as possible.
  • use the attack move function.   this is one of the greatest tools and League of Legends and really help your mechanic.  If  you ever wonder  how good players Stutter Step so well it’s because they use the attack move ir the “A” key move an attack at the same time.


7)  Avoid Overextending and Getting Caught Late Game


When I  was a professional booster, I didn’t realize how  how much people got caught in League of Legends.   It wasn’t until after I started playing in the lower elo brackets that I realized how prevalent this was with unskilled players. One death in the later stages of a game can cause you to lose because the death timers are so long.  Don’t put yourself in this position and keep vision on the map and make sure you’re not over-extending

  • Upgrade Trinkets and get proper vision control of the map.   Denying enemy vision is just as important as getting vision yourself.  This allows your team to set up plays and catch the enemy off guard.  
  • Group for adjectives but don’t let that stop you from farming.   It’s a mistake to group and not get any objectives and I see players do this all the time.   this is just waste a lot of gold and farm around the map and will put you behind the end of me is taking advantage of it.   Farm but farm smart .


8)  Learn Strong Champions


One of the things about League of Legends is that Champions come and go and there will always be Champions that are stronger than others.   Sometimes it’s important to find strong Champions and learn them because if you’re playing really weak Champions it’s a lot harder to win games the higher rank you go.   it’s kind of a cycle in Champions come and go from being overpowered to underpowered which is why it’s important to have a good champion pool.   well it’s important to know really strong champions with all the changes in League of Legends a champion you can go from overpowered underpowered in one week.   this is why I suggest learning Champions that are kind of in the middle.   Constantly learning overpowered Champions can leave you vulnerable if those champions ever get nerfed.   


9)  Learn a Carry Role


Learning a carry role will help you win more games  and help you to have more impact on the game.  While  every role is important,  carry roles allow you to have a great impact on the game.  However, You have to be extremely good to carry.  If  you are better at support then play support.   It’s all about finding what you’re good at and improving.  Sometimes to win games in really rank up you have to get extremely specialised in your play.   I’ve seen many people get to high ranks  by just spamming one Champion over and over again.


10)  Watch Replays and Analyze Play


When I first started playing League we didn’t have a lot of the tools available to us that many players have now.  Now  you can find guides and replays that just weren’t available when I started playing the game.  I had to do everything the hard way and now I’m glad that I can share the information that I learned so other people don’t have to struggle in the same way I did.  


I remember when I was starting out I got so frustrated because there just wasn’t a lot of information out there on how to become better, and most of the information that was out there was not very good.   


In order to improve and get better you have to realize your weak points and what you’re doing wrong.  Never see that you’re getting caught late game every game and overextending then how are you supposed to fix it?  


There are a lot of great sites out there that will allow you to watch the games that you have played and every time you get a loss I suggest that you go and check out exactly what went wrong.   This gives us such a big advantage and it’s an advantage that a lot of players don’t really take advantage of.   Once you start fixing your mistakes and really being conscious of when you’re making them, you can really start to get better and really see an improvement in your play and performance.