How to Get more Gold League of Legends

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All about gold

  •         Increase farming
  •         Increase your last hitting ability

o   Use champions that are easy to last hit with and farm with if you have trouble

o   Practice with champions that are hard to last hit with to get better

  •         Take every chance to farm extra gold that you can when in a carry role
  •         Denying the enemy gold is just as important as farming
  •         Take advantage of jungle camps

        Avoid bad roams that will make you lose waves and towers

  •         Take global gold objectives like towers and monsters

How to get more gold League of Legends

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Farming is essential in League of Legends because the more gold that you have, the more effective and strong you will be as the game progresses.  I have seen many players struggle getting enough farm and gold and eventually losing impact as the game gets into the later stages.

A lot of mechanics and getting more gold comes from practice but I am going to share some tips on how to get more gold faster and ways that you can increase the amount of gold that you are getting.

Believe it or not, some champions are a lot better at farming than others.  Champions with good wave clear make it easy to get a lot of gold really easily.  Champions with single target abilities on the other hand, can be really hard to farm with because they have to get each last hit.  Be careful though that you are not using you abilities too much to farm because it can give the enemy laner a chance to kill you and leaves you extremely venerable.

Learning a champion that is easy to farm with is a good way to start having more of an impact in the games you play but it is a short term strategy.  Eventually you are going to want to play more difficult champions and sometimes the only way to get really good at last hitting, is to force yourself into a champion that requires it.  Sometimes the most skill comes from the biggest challenges.  Challenging yourself is a great way to become a better player.

You should think of yourself as a farming machine doing anything possible to get as much farm as you possibly can.  Take advantage of wraith and jungle champs when you can and try and even invade the enemy jungle and take farm when you are ahead.  Not only does this put you ahead, but it also put the enemy behind.

Roaming is great because it can set up your team for a lot of kills and objectives but you have to be extremely careful about the times that you are roaming and the benefit vs the cost of the roam.  Bad roams can leave you behind in levels and gold and can even lead to losing a turret early in the game.  Losing one turret may not seem like a big deal, but it denies vision for your team and gives the enemy more map control.

What most people do not realize about roaming is that you have to really be winning your lane in order for roams to work out and be worth it.  Roaming while your behind can work, but most likely will just increase the lead that the other player has against you.  Once you get to higher ranks, there are a lot more wards and it is a lot hard to roam.  Making sure your roams result in kills are objectives is vital to being a good player and winning games.  Just ask yourself is this roam worth it and will the result be beneficial for my team and winning the game.

In League it is easy to trade kills for towers and what shocks me is that most players do not do favorable trades because they are worried about getting kills.  A kill is always great, but sometimes you can get towers instead of chasing kills or trying to help lost situations around the map.  Towers are so important in winning the game and they really help your team gain control of the game.  Always look to get more when you have a chance.

Gold is so important in League because it determines a lot of how effective you are in the game.  The more gold you have to work with the easier it is to win games and get kills.  Turn yourself into a farming machine and look at the map as just a huge mine to farm up gold.  Don’t get me wrong, you don’t want to be the jerk that is always farming when it is time to group and win the game.  League is all about being as effective as possible and the more gold you have the more effective of a player you will be.

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