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How to Win More Games League of Legends

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Play champions you’re good with

I see it all the time where people try and test out new champions in ranked games and end up getting demolished.  The problem with rank is it only measures your average skill level at any given moment.  Although you may play a champion at a really high level, it doesn’t reflect on your entire skill level as a whole.  Once you start switching champions and roles with limited experience you are taking a huge risk.  Chances are if you are not skilled and practiced, you are not playing at the same level or higher that you are now.  This means that you will contribute less to your team and be more of a weight on your team rather than a carry.  Stick to what is good and what is working.  Practice new roles and strategies in normal games before you crank them out in ranked.

  •         You always want to learn new champions because not only will it increase your champion pool, but it will also teach you what works well against these champions.  Doing this will allow you to counter better and be more knowledgeable in the game.
  •         Sometimes you can get a really good grasp on a role by playing just one champion.  The more you play it the better you will get.  If you are just learning a role it can be overwhelming to learn too many champions.  Stick to one until you have mastered it and feel like you can add more.

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Learn champions that are overpowered and strong

Sometimes it is really good strategy to learn the overpowered champions and get good with them, however it can be dangerous because they are the most likely to get nerfed or changed.  Why spend countless hours learning a champion that is not going to be viable next month?  This is why you want to learn champions that are strong but are probably not going to get altered soon.  These are the strong champions that are upper teir but not exactly broken.   They are also likely to become the new overpowered champions with the nerfs hit the ones at the top.

  •         I would not recommend only learning champions that are “flavor of the month” over powered champions.  I see a lot of player invest so much time into learning the Ops and then they are out of luck once that champions gets nerfed.
  •         Pick something strong with a good skill cap and it will be a lot more beneficial.

Win your lane

Winning the game starts in lane and I say this all the time.  If are finding yourself stuggle in lane it is vital that you analayze and take a look at what is going wrong.  Laning can be easy to improve but if you are making common mistakes it can really hurt your quest to rank up.  To be a good League player you have to have good fundamentals and mechanics.  Practicing and getting better at this will only help you.

  •         Don’t play overly aggressive.  I cannot stress this enough.  I see so many players lose their lane because they get way too aggressive and start making mistakes.  Plays can’t be forced sometimes and you just have to wait for the enemy to make mistakes in order to take a lead.
  •         Be mindful of the enemy jungler.  Pushing and being aggressive can really help you win lane but it also leaves you exposed.  Keep this in mind and keep an eye on the enemy jungler.

Avoid dying as much as you can

If you are dying more than 5 times in a game, you are dying way too much.  Unless you are running a split pushing strategy that is attracting enemies to your lane and allowing your team to get multiple objectives than dying is not worth it.  It is just going to not only give the enemy team gold, it is going to keep you from getting gold and experience because you are dead.  No one like the long walk back to lane either.

  •         When you are losing your lane, play reserved and passive.  It sucks but it will keep you from losing more and more of a grip on the lane.  Sometimes you team can carry you and you can even have a strong impact as the game progressive.  It is vital to not go on tilt never lose your head.  Especially if you are playing a late game champion you can really scale well in the later stages of the game even if you are behind.
  •         If you are going to die make sure that it is worth it.  Make sure you are apply proper pressure and getting objectives off your deaths.  Trading kills for kills is not always worth it because you have to think about how that is going to affect the rest of the game.  Kills are tools to get objectives and the ultimate objective is the nexus.  Don’t forget that.

Get vision and remove vision

This brings me to my next point.  Vision is so powerful but you have to ward in the right areas and at the right times.  Never overextend and die just to get a ward down and always try and get wards as deep as you can.  A lot of players die trying to ward too deep so get a good grasp on where the enemy players are before you start venturing into enemy territory.

  •         The main thing is to just be mindful of your trinket and use it whenever you can.  Map awareness and it is feeling you get when you are good that the enemy might be coming towards you will also help prevent you from dying.  This comes from a lot of experience and a lot of deaths from getting caught out of position.
  •         Don’t dwell on your mistakes.  They happen but as long as you learn from them there is a great tool to help you improve.

Just like getting vision it is just as important to stop the enemy team from getting vision.  You want to make sure that they can’t see where you are and what you are doing.  This gives them the chance to catch you offgaurd and set up plays in other areas of the map.  Pink wards are cheap and easy to use.  They deny vision and set up plays.  I’ve gotten so many kills off enemy players trying to kill pink wards.

Pay attention to objectives times

Good players will always be in the right place when an objective is spawning.  They are great at what we like to call “prepping” objectives.  This simply means denying vision and gaining control of the area to make it as smooth as possible.  Blindly going into objectives and doing them without proper control can just lead to throwing the game and giving the enemy a snowball to start winning the game.  Good league play is all about limiting risk and making strong decisions.

  •         The better you get and the higher rank you go.  The more stress is put on objectives and the more team fights will happen around them.  When I was a professional booster, I noticed that in lower ranks it was a lot easier to control these objectives because players did not pay enough attention to spawn times.  There would be someone farming in the top lane when dragon was spawning so it was extremely easy to pick them up.

Do your part in team fights

Every role has a different job and it is important that you learn what your roles is suppose to be doing and do it properly.  If you are a tank, you want to be soaking up as much damage as possible and taking pressure of everyone else on your team.  If you are a carry you want to be doing as much damage possible on the right targets.  Team fights can be complicated and there are a lot of things going on in a short period of time.  Take time to watch what you are doing and be smart with your abilities.  One bad ult in a team fight can be the difference between winning and losing a fight.  Professional players are excellent at timing their abilities so they have the most impact on the fight and the game.  This is one of the reasons why they are the best of the best.

  •         If you find yourself losing a lot of team fights really try and look at what is going wrong.  Sometimes it is not your fault, but sometimes you might be doing something that is hurting your team in fights.  It is important to recognize this as soon as possible so you can avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

Never surrender

Too many players give up too easily and surrender way before the game is even over.  Surrendering a game that you could have won can really impact your rank.  That is a game that you can never get back to win again.  No one has a crystal ball and knows what is going to happen.  Even if you have an afk that person can come back or someone on the other team can end up disconnecting.  The point is, you never know what can happen in the game.  I have had several games that I thought were sure losses turn into wins.  Keep a positive mindset and it will reflect in your rank.


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