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How to Control Objectives League of Legends


-How to Control Objectives in LoL-

League of Legends is all about objectives.  Many people fight for kills and will lose their entire base just for a few kills, but this is not how you win games.  Objectives will give your team global gold, map control, and experience that will help your team pull farther ahead and ultimately win the game.  Objectives can snowball a team further and further ahead, and one good baron can solidify a win.  You may be asking yourself how you can start controlling these objectives and winning games, and I will go over all of that in this guide.

I remember when I was newer at League, I would just chase kills because I thought that was the only thing that mattered in winning games.  Boy was I wrong.  I remember the first time I lost a game to a split pushing Master Yi.  This player died over 10 times but kept getting towers and inhibitors for his team while we were chasing kills and not doing anything productive.  I am amazed at how in lower ranks you can simply rack up tower after tower with no one coming to ever try and stop you.  They are always too busy chasing players around and trying to pick up kills.  Team fighting is important, but it is not good to just seek team fights just for the sake of team fighting.  They should only be engaged when going for an objective, or when an important objective is about to spawn.  Kills serve a purpose and they are very important in the game don’t get me wrong.  However, blindly chasing kills, especially late game, can lead to losses if you are playing against good players that know how to get objectives.




Vision is so important in controlling objectives because it allows you to see the enemy movements on the map and capitalize on positioning mistakes made by the enemy team.  If they are on the other side of the map and you can see that, this allows your team to pick up objectives for free.  You will notice that the higher rank that you are, the harder and harder it is to get objectives without being contested.  This is because good players know the importance of controlling this objectives and is one of the reasons they are good players.  Take advantage of this while you can and coordinate your team to take these objectives when you see the enemy team chasing someone or farming in the jungle on the other side of the map.

Just as important as it is to get vision of the enemy, it is just as important to deny the enemy of vision on key objectives like baron and dragon.  Do this by buying pink wards when you can and getting sweeper trinkets.  A blind enemy is an easy enemy to control and beat.  I’ve seen games snowball out of control simply because of one bad dragon fight.  Don’t let this happen to you and be smart about how you go for objectives.  When I was coaching top level player and teams, I always stressed the importance of limiting risk.  Going for a 5v5 fight may seem fine, but great teams will limit this and only go for objectives when they know they can take them easily and without much of a fight.  Vision will allow you to control these objectives and limit the risk when you are going for them.

Playing to the Strengths of your Composition


There are many ways to control objectives but you have to play the game according to your strengths of your team and the champions that you are playing.  If you picked a team composition that is full of a lot of champions that do not scale well into the late stages of the game, then you have to play according to this.  Controlling objectives for this team will be a lot different than one that is well scaling and strong late game.  If team is weak in fights you want to pressure other areas of the map and control objectives by split pushing and catching the enemy offgaurd.  Now if your team is good at team fighting and has a lot of crowd control and late game power, objectives are great ways to force the enemy to fight and use one objective to snowball into 3 or 4.  What it boils down to is just simply taking objectives based on your strengths and using them as a tool that fits in your playstyle and team comp.

Trade Objectives instead of chasing to Defend


Sometimes it is much better to trade objectives instead of trying to defend against the enemy team.  For example, let’s say you are pushing top lane and a couple of your teammates die and there are four members of the enemy team pushing mid.  Some people panic and go mid and try and defend the push but this is not necessarily a good idea.  It is almost impossible to defend tower 3 vs 1 so it is much more beneficial for you to push your lane and get a tower instead of trying to defend verse multiple players.  Not only might you die, but you won’t be much use defending the tower anyways.  To be a good player it is vital that you be as efficient as possible and make good decisions with your time.  You need to take advantage of every opportunity you get and look at every decision as what will be the most beneficial for you and your team.  Making the most efficient and well thought out decisions will make the difference in the outcome of the game.  One tower may not seem like much, but it can make a big difference in the outcome of the game.  That little bit of gold can make a big difference and it can help you close the gap or even grant you a lead that you can build on.