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How to Support League of Legends


Support is one of the most important roles in League of Legends but it does not get much credit.  Support players can completely change the outcome of the game and a good support player can always carry.  To some it may not see like the most important role in the game but if played correctly, you can have a huge impact on the game and start soaring through the ranks.

support league of legends

Once you get high enough ranked, chances are you are going to have to support.  Make sure you have all the tools and can play it effectively.  This guide will give you everything you need to know to start carrying your team and winning games as support.


I have carried myself all the way up to and through diamond rank with support.  I got stuck in gold elo when I was first playing the game over 5 years ago and I wanted to make a change.  I decided to pick up the support role and I fell in love with it.  I couldn’t believe it but I started ranking up and ranking up quick all by playing a badass support.


Not many people can play a good support and I was surprised at how I could outperform the enemy support in so many different ways.  I was giving my team so many advantages, lighting up the map, controlling team fights, and getting my AD carry fed.  Don’t waste your time making all the mistakes I did and dive right in with these advanced pro level tips.


Support in a nutshell

support league of legends
support league of legends

Supporting allows you to really look at the game from a new perspective.  You can start seeing how League of Legends really is a team game and how you have to have an impact on your team to win the game.  Once you start seeing how helping your team can really help you win games you will never look back.


Many League players have the idea that it is all about themselves and will do actions that will put them ahead but will put their team behind and wonder why they are losing games.  Bring your team up and don’t put them down with insults or act greedy, especially when you are playing support.


You need your team to win and this is no more true than when you are playing support.  You depend on your team to do damage and you basically act as a power enhancer helping everyone on your team become stronger and more powerful.  Support make everyone around them more effective and that’s why the are such a crucial role in League.  


Carries are extremely fragile and without supports they would never reach their full power or potential.  They needs supports to help them farm in lane and protect them in lane.  They need them in team fights to protect them and stop assassins from tearing them apart, just as supports need their carries to do damage and take down enemy players.  All the roles are connected, important, and need each other to be successful.


Everything you do as a support is to aid your team in winning the game.  Controlling important objectives like dragon and nashor will give your team the edge that it needs to win the game.  In high ranked games, one objective can swing the game in one team’s favor and it is your job as the support to do everything you can to help your team control it.


How to Carry as Support


  • Vision control:  This is the vital aspect  to any role in League of Legends except a lot of players fail to take advantage of how important it really is.  Once I started warding religiously I saw a drastic improvement in my rank and play.  Think about it.  One ward not only save you from dying in your lane, but it can also show your entire team where the enemy is on the map.  This allows them to play more aggressively and take a lead in their lane.  Always make sure you are warding key buff and objectives so your team can make an effort to contest important objectives.  League is an objective game and objectives win games.  Become a warding machine helping your team out with vision all over the map
  • Win your lane:  Easier said than done sometimes but if you can help win your lane then you increase your chances greatly to win the game.  How do you win lane?  You use your abilities at the right time.  If this is a shield you have to time it effectively to prevent damage.  One of the easiest ways to win your lane is to avoid getting what I like to call “free” damage.  Make sure you are trading hits with the enemy in lane and not letting them bully you around.  Most of winning lane is take advantage of small mistakes by the enemy and growing them into a bigger and bigger lead through items and level advantages.
  • Avoid dying:  Pretty simple.  Make sure you don’t die to the enemy jungler by keeping wards up and not overextending yourself too far.  Some people think that supports are not important so it doesn’t matter if they die but this is not true.  When you die, not only do you give the enemy team gold and experience, but  you also lose out on experience and gold you could be getting if you weren’t dead.  Never sacrifice yourself unless you absolutely have to and always avoid feeding.
  • Attitude is Everything:  It is easy when you are playing support to feel like you don’t have as much control as other lanes like mid or jungler, but the difference between good players and average players is they focus on the things they can control and you can’t control the team that you get.  Eventually your rank evens out and you get as many good players as you do bad players.  The difference and what makes your rank is you!  Your play will either help you gain rank or keep you where you are.  Now it does take enough games to balance out and everyone has bad luck from time to time.  Focus on winning, never quit and always look for opportunities to come back.  This is what makes good players.
  • Wave control:  One of your jobs as a support is control the minion wave.  It is a very hard skill to know when you should be pushing out and when you should be letting the wave freeze.  Essentially you should push when you know the risk of a gank is low because it allows more control of the lane and allows you to trade free damage on the enemy.  Now you can get pretty far by auto pushing your wave and putting pressure on the enemy laners, but this leave you exposed to ganks.  However, if you ward properly, you can attract attention of the enemy jungler which not only wastes his time, but allows your team to make plays around the map and get ahead.  
  • Use your abilities properly:  This is so important.  When playing at high elo, when you use your abilities makes all of the difference because smart, skilled players will take advantage of you if they know you have a summoner spell or ultimate that is on cooldown.  Skilled League players are like sharks that lurk and wait for the optimal moment to strike and kill their enemy.  Be a shark not a fish.


Support is a great role with a lot of impact if played correctly.  I know I love playing support and just buffing all the players on my team and making the lives of the players on the enemy team a nightmare.  It’s amazing the impact you can have on the game and put these tips into action and you will notice a dramatic increase in your rank and skill level.